30L Campko Steel LPG Gas Bottle with MultiValve Refillable up to 80%


This refillable steel LPG gas bottle is ideal for use in all kinds of gas applications, such as in the camper, caravan or food truck. The Multivalve has separate connections; an entrance for filling and an exit for gas consumption.

Type: Campko 30L Steel with MultiValve 80% Filling Plug and G.12 Shell LH Output
Approval number: ECE 67R-01 - (re-inspection not necessary after 10 years)
Gas bottle Fittings: MultiValve: 80% Fill Stop, Extraction Valve, Measurement, Overpressure Valve
Empty weight: 16 kg
Tank Capacity: Gross 30 Litre (80%=24 Litre)
Dimensions: Ø300 mm x Height: 585 mm (570 mm without collar)
Input Connector: 1/2"UNF - 3/4-16 SAE 45°Flare Male (19mm) Angled
Output Connector: SHELL Male G.12 (W21.8 x 1/14 lh)
Outlet pressure: 3 - 27 bar (depending on temperature)
Pressure class: Up to 30 bar
Safety features: 80% filling plug, pressure relief valve 26-27 bar, outflow limiter
Material: Steel
Position: Standing
Tank content indicator: Equipped with tank level indicator.

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Refillable 30L Steel LPG Gas Bottle equipped with a MultiValve with 80% fill stop and a G.12 Shell connection LH on the outlet. Optionally available with an Outdoor Filling Set or Filling Adapter - Gas Bottle for Campers, Caravans, Food Truck, BBQ, Heating, etc..

The CAMPKO refillable gas bottle made of steel is developed for permanent installation in motorhomes, camper vans, caravans or foodtrucks. It has a high safety standard and is certified in accordance with ECE 67R-01. The CAMPKO refillable gas cylinder is installed in the gas locker of the vehicle and thus serves as a refillable camper propane tank. Thanks to its ECE 67R-01 homologation, it is not subject to a 10-year TÜV test period.

The gas bottle can be installed individually or as a multi-bottle system.

The collar of the gas bottle is removable, but in most cases the open design of this collar offers enough space to fit a gas regulator or a gas filter directly to the refillable gas cylinder.

The CAMPKO refillable gas bottle is equipped with a multivalve with 80% filling stop and overpressure safety valve and is is available in the sizes 15L, 22L, 30L and 36L.


This type of gas bottle is very useful for your Camper, Motorhome, Caravan, Patio or Terrace. To supply your gas stove, heater, refrigerator, BBQ, etc. with Butane and Propane gas. The gas bottle can be refilled with LPG with a maximum filling of 80% thanks to an internal float with filling limit and also equipped with a pressure relief valve (27 bar), making this gas bottle very safe. 
ADVANTAGE of MultiValve Gas Cylinder:
If you are looking for a gas bottle for a fixed location (for example in your camper, motorhome or caravan) and you do not want to have to change the connection (from filling to taking off and vice versa), then using a MultiValve gas bottle such as this product is the best option. option for you. This type of gas bottle has its own filling entrance (with 80% filling stop) and a separate gas outlet to which you can permanently keep a pressure regulator or high-pressure hose, pipe and/or high-pressure filter connected.


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