Various types of hose: Gas hose (LPG/CNG) - Water hose - Petrol hose - Leisure gas hose - High & Low Pressure Hose - Vent Hose


Gas hose (LPG/CNG)

Various Diameters with R67-01 and R110 Approval

Car heater Hose

Car heater Hose Coolant hose for heating LPG evaporator

Petrol Hose

Petrol hose to connect to petrol shut off valve, carburetor and fuel pump

High Pressure Gas Hose

High Pressure Gas Hose / Pipe. Connection between the LPG tank (gas bottle) and the pressure regulator. Available in...

Low Pressure Gas Hose

Low Pressure Gas Hose. To connect between the pressure regulator / distributor valve and gas appliance such as a...

Vent Hose

Vent hose for discharging excess gas to the exterior / outside.

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