Business customers shop VAT Free here!

If you are a foreign business customer (outside the Netherlands) with a valid VAT number, you can shop here VAT-free after creating an account. (Delivery address needs to be outside the Netherlands as well)


1) First create an account with us by clicking on the link below.

2) Add your address to the account and provide your valid VAT number (in international format as described below).

The VAT number must be provided in international format. So including the country code at the beginning of the number. For example: ES0123456789 / IT01123456789 / BE0123456789 / PT0123456789.

3) Your VAT number will automatically be checked with the EU VIES VAT verification system.

4) If your details are correct, your business account is immediately ready to shop VAT Free! The prices in the webshop will display VAT-free and you can order them right away. (Check the prices to see if they indicate that they are VAT-free.)

If your VAT number has not been properly validated, this may be due to various causes, such as an error in the VAT number, but also that the verification system is temporarily out of order.

Please contact us if your account is not VAT exempt. We can then check for you what is the cause of this and hopefully resolve it.

Extra Discount: Business customers who order here regularly are eligible for an additional discount. An extra reason to create an account with us.

Tip: Remember your password for your next orders.

PLEASE NOTE!: Providing the VAT number during checkout process does NOT ensure a VAT-free purchase. This only works when creating an account as described above.

Create your business account here!