LPG Filling Point W21,8 - 1/2"UNF (19 mm) 90° + Plastic Cap


Brand: Ceodeux Rotarex
UPC Number: 8717081005764
Approval number: E13 67R-010077
Coupling & Thread: W21.8mm
Output Connection: 1/2"UNF - 3/4"-16 SAE 45°Flare Male (19mm) Angled
Input Connection: W21.8mm Internal
Material: Brass
Pressure class: 67R-01 Class 3 (max. 30 bar) Liquefied gas

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LPG Filling Point W21,8 - 1/2"UNF (19 mm) 90° + Plastic Cap for LPG Filling Hose

Connect the outside filling connection with an LPG filling hose or filling pipe to your LPG tank or gas bottle in order to be able to fill it with LPG.

This type of filling connection has a W21.8 connection on the front (for a filling nipple) and on the back a 1/2"UNF (19mm) angled connection to the outlet (at the back) to which you can connect an LPG filling hose. There is a rule on the inlet of a 4-hole LPG tank or a Gas bottle with a MultiValve, such a same 1/2"UNF connection (on elbow on 80% filling valve or MultiValve), so that you can connect the other side of the filling hose can connect to this.

In this way you can fill your LPG tank or gas bottle with LPG (Refueling)
Equipped with an internal non-return valve, so that the gas does not flow back from the filling hose.

This type of outer filler is called a "flat filler" because it does not have a fixed integrated filler nipple and is therefore flat on the front. You can place this type of filling connection in the bumper or in the sheet metal, for example. To refuel it is necessary to screw a filling nipple onto the filling connection. Due to the lack of a fixed filling nipple, this type of filling connection is less high than a "high filler", so that less depth / space behind the sheet metal / bumper is required for the filling connection.

NB! When placing a filling connection, take into account the available space behind the platform / bumper, so that you are sure that there is sufficient space for the filling connection and the filling hose. A flat filler and an angled filler require less space / depth behind the sheet metal. This may be a reason to choose an angled filler instead of a straight filler or a flat filler instead of a high filler.

A sticker is included as an aid, on which the holes to be drilled are depicted. By sticking the sticker where you want the filling connection, you can easily drill holes in the right place.


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Right of Withdrawal
When connecting (Electric, Gas or coolant) to this product, the right of withdrawal expires.
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