Thermoplastic LPG Filling Pipe XD-5 -with 2 x Straight 1/2" UNF Couplings


Brand: LPG-FIT
UPC No: LPG-XD-5 H05
Manufacturer code: LPG-XD-5
Approval number: E4 67R-010247
Couplings: 2 x Straight 1/2" UNF - 3/4"-16 SAE 45°Flare Female (19mm)
Inner diameter of pipe: Ø8mm
Outer diameter of pipe: Ø12.3mm
Pressure rating: 67R-01 Class 1 (max. 30 bar)
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Assemble yourself and cut to length LPG filling hose with 2x Straight connections 1/2" UNF (19mm)


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Thermoplastic LPG Filling Pipe XD-5 -with 2 x Straight 1/2" UNF Couplings

This type of LPG filling line has many advantages over standard filling hose. This way you can assemble it yourself according to your needs and you can shorten it to the right length yourself and then connect the couplings. This makes this type of product very flexible in its applicability.

This type of filling hose consists of the following parts:
- 2 x Straight Connection 1/2 "UNF (19mm) for tank / filling connection
- 1 x Thermoplastic pipe type XD-5. (the desired length is option )
- 2 x Ortiker hoel clamp 

Filling various types of LPG tanks (4-hole LPG tank / MultiValve tank (Ø8mm) / Vapor tanks / gas bottles).
The filling line makes a connection from the outer filling connection to the LPG tank. Choose the required length and connectors for your application.

- Make the Thermoplastic LPG pipe to the desired length and neatly shorten the ends without kinking the pipe. (Piping must remain nicely round).
- Slide the OETIKER hose clamp over the LPG pipe.
- Apply a little creeping oil to the O-rings of the couplings before sliding the LPG pipe over the coupler.
- Seal the connection well by properly clamping the OETIKER hose clamp.

NB! A plastic LPG pipe is not connected directly to an LPG part, but coupling pieces are used on the ends of the pipe. These come in different shapes and sizes. There are also several types of plastic LPG pipe available. There are different diameters, but also brands and types of connectors. Make sure you use the correct one for your application in combination with the correct coupling pieces on the ends of the plastic pipe.
The plastic pipe can be shortened to the desired length. Use a good sharp hose cutter or else a cutter for this. Cut the pipe neatly straight.

NB! Check the type of connection on the parts to which you want to connect the LPG pipe, such as the tank, gas valves, etc.
This type of pipe uses Ø8 mm compression connections and therefore only fits on parts with such a type of connection.

General safety advice for LPG Pipe:
- The LPG pipe may not be placed close to heat sources (for example an exhaust pipe). Maintain a minimum distance of 10 cm. Or use a heat shield.
- The LPG pipe may not be placed lower than the lowest point of the vehicle. In other words: At a distance of 15 cm from the pipe, there must always be a fixed part of the vehicle lower down. This rule prevents the pipe from touching the road surface.
- LPG pipe must be attached to non-moving (fixed) parts of the vehicle by means of pipe brackets. The maximum mutual distance between the pipe brackets must not exceed 40 cm.
- Consult the RDW rules for the exact and other guidelines.

Outer diameter pipe connector: Ø8mm
Outer diameter of plastic gas pipe: ≈ Ø12.3mm
Inner diameter plastic gas pipe: ≈ Ø8mm


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