Pressure Regulator Kit (50 mbar) with filter and connections to LPG Tank / Gas Bottle


Type: Complete set with Filter and 4m Pipe and couplings.
Approval number: EN16129
Output pressure: 50mbar
Flow capacity: 5 kg/h
Input connection: 1/4" NPT Female (±13mm)
Output connection: 3/8" NPT Female (±16mm)

This reduces the gas pressure from the vapor gas tank or gas bottle to a working pressure of 50mbar for gas-consuming appliances such as the gas stove, heater, refrigerator, etc.

CHOOSE Tank connection type:
- 2 x 8mm compression connection (Vapor tank)
- 2 x Flare 5/16 UNF (Vapor tank with electric tap)
- 2 x SHELL connection (Gas bottle)

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Double pressure regulator set (50 mbar) with filter and connections for 2x vapor tank or 2x gas bottle

This pressure regulator set is complete with a two-stage pressure regulator, a high-pressure filter and an extra replacement filter, pipes and couplings.
For the connection diagram, we refer to the images of this product.

Complete set consisting of:
- 1 x Two-stage pressure regulator 50 mbr (5 kg/h) incl. coupling to 8mm compression
- 1 x High pressure filter with 8mm connections (compression couplings) + Extra filter element
- 1 x Copper Pipe for between filter and pressure regulator 50cm (can be shortened)
- 1 x 4 meters Plastic LPG Pipe (KF-0002) that you can make yourself to the right length with end pieces to 8mm round (2x straight + 1x angled)
- 1 x T-piece to distribute Plastic LPG Pipe to 2 tanks / gas bottles
- 6 x Pipe bracket for attaching the pipe to the vehicle
Optional: 2 x SHELL Adapetr (Left Hand Thread) x 8mm Compression for Gas Bottle.

Function & Application: This two-stage pressure regulator reduces the pressure from the LPG vapor tank or gas bottle to a constantly lower working pressure of 30/50 mbar (depending on the version) for the rest of the gas installation and the connected equipment with a max. flow capacity of 5 kg /h.

Only suitable for vapor gas from vapor tank or gas bottle. (NOT suitable for liquid LPG)

Pressure regulator has a pressure relief valve. For this reason, these parts may not be placed inside (the living space of) a motorhome or caravan. These serve in a ventilated room, which is connected to the outside air and not connected to the indoor space.

Connections to pressure regulator:
The input of the regulator has an internal thread of 1/4" NPTF. The output of the regulator has a 3/8" NPTF internal thread. The supplied adapters to Ø8mm compression make it possible to connect the pressure regulator to the Ø8mm pipe. these couplings to the pressure regulator using sealing gas tape or liquid locking compound.

Tank connection (see also the images):
8mm Compression: As standard, this set is suitable for an LPG vapor tank or gas bottle with an 8mm compression connection on the exit.

Shell connection: If you want to connect this pressure regulator set to a vapor tank or gas bottle with a SHELL connection. Then you need this optional adapter. (For example for an OPD Gas Bottle or MV Gas Bottle)

5/16"UNF Flare coupling: If your vapor tank is equipped with an electric tank valve, you have the optional coupling with 5/16 UNF connection, so that you can connect the pipe to the lec. tap.

MORE INFORMATION : This LPG pressure regulator for horizontal LPG tanks or gas bottles prevents liquid gas from flowing into the pipe and provides a working pressure of 50 mbar. This two-stage gas pressure regulator is equipped with blow-off protection and a mounting plate.

This LPG pressure regulator prevents liquid gas from flowing into the pipe and is equipped with an overpressure protection and a mounting plate.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Since 2002, a pressure of 30 mbar has been prescribed for gas installations in vehicles. Before 2002, both 30 mbar and 50 mbar were used in campers and caravans. Make sure that you choose a pressure regulator that provides the correct gas pressure for the connected equipment.

Safety instructions:
- Mount the pressure regulator in an outdoor area or ventilated area. The pressure regulator has a pressure relief valve. For this reason, these parts may not be placed inside (the cabin) of a camper or caravan. These should be placed in a ventilated space that is connected to the outside air and not connected to the indoor space.
- Read the instructions supplied with the pressure regulator

PLEASE NOTE! Fit the reducers on the pressure regulator using sealing gas tape or locking agent for a good seal.
Only suitable for gas in vapor form from an LPG vapor tank or gas cylinder. (NOT suitable for liquid LPG)

Note the connection direction (flow direction) of both the gas filter and the pressure regulator. See arrow on product. Supply: IN, connection to small stairs and Supply: OUT, connection to large stairs

TIP! Provide the parts with a protective coating, such as a transparent tectile, so that they are well protected against water and dirt from outside.


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