LOVATO RGE090 Electric LPG Reducer Normal 20-90kW (LANDI RENZO)

LOVATO Reducers

Brand: Landi Renzo Group
Manufacturer code: 536000005
Alternate codes: 1625001
Approval number: E4 67R01-92006
Power: from 20 kW to 90 kW (122 HP) Engine power
Input connection: Ø6mm compression - (M10x1) internal thread
Outlet connection: Ø19mm Hose barb
Water connections: Ø16mm
Outlet pressure: Atmospheric
Electrical connection: FASTON 2 Pole
Pressure class: 67R-01 Class 1 (max. 30 bar)
Material: Steel
MAP Connection: N/A
Gas valve: Excl. External Gas Shut Off Valve
Note: Electric operation

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LOVATO RGE090 Electric LPG Reducer Normal 20-90kW (LANDI RENZO)

(Nowadays LANDI RENZO LRG90) NOT SUITABLE FOR LPG INJECTION! For cars with Carburettor or Singlepoint injection

The LOVATO RGE090 (basic type RGE92) is a two-stage Reducer for LPG mixing piece systems and is homologated according to European regulation ECE 67R-01. The reducer is equipped with a solenoid valve between the first and second stage and two integrated adjusting screws (1x for the gas bypass (leakage gas) and 1x for the spring pressure on the output stage). Thanks to its sensitivity membrane and its reliability, the vaporizer guarantees perfect driving pleasure.

Approval: E4 67R01-92006 (ATTENTION! This is an approval number and may be valid for a series of products / family. This is NOT a type number!!! Please carefully check the Model code / Type number / Size of the desired product.)

Gas valve: Not included. ( Valtek Type 07 recommended)

Application: For mixed gas systems of the Landi Group (LOVATO) engines from 20 kW to 90 kW (122 HP) with Carburetor or Monopoint injection. Often used on European classics such as Mercedes-Benz, Saab, Volvo, Citroen, etc. with a traditional gas system. 

Suitable for the following gas systems:
- Landi Renzo Traditional Mixing System (For cars with Carburettor or Singlepoint injection)
- LOVATO Traditional Mixing System

Thanks to its sensitivity membrane and its reliability, the vaporizer guarantees perfect driving pleasure.

IMPORTANT: Reducer operation is dependent on the agitator/mixer and proper adjustment of the adjusting screws to properly adjust the evaporator for the agitator suction and motor consumption.

How do you properly adjust the Reducer ?
In a Nutshell: Idling on gas bypass only. Then turn off the throttle a bit, so that the engine gets a leaner mixture at idle. (the engine starts to run less smoothly). And then adjust the mixture again via the second adjustment screw (diaphragm / spring tension), so that the valve of the final stage starts to open. Idle: 80-90% on gas bypass and the rest of the throttle through the tilt valve.


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LPG Shut-off Valve:
Exclusief gasafsluiter
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Traditional LPG System

How does a traditional LPG system work? And how to adjust it well?

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